Thursday, February 8, 2007

Super Bowl Wednesday

New photo set going up as I type this.

Temperature -40F, wind chill -70F. Tonight was the Super Bowl in the galley - Super Bowl Wednesday. No live TV for us here, and the tradition is to have a news blackout about the Super Bowl until the recorded game can be played on-station. Normally I don't care too much for the 'Bowl or for football in general, but given that Chicago was playing, I thought it might be fun to check out the festivities here at Pole, which included a pig roast (head mounted proudly on the serving counter), HDTV recorded off of Armed Forces Network and played back ultra-low-def, and four feisty cheerleaders festooned in feisty bright skua [recycled] clothing with the letters "T", "I", "T", "S" emblazoned across their backs. I can assure you it was a scene not to be missed. Strangely, most of the Polies were rooting for the Colts. Colleague Mark explained the finer points of football rules and tactics that somehow didn't get beaten into me as a young boy growing up in Wisconsin. Though some kind soul fast-forwarded past all the commercials, I could tell that America's Finest got a rather different selection of commercials via AFN then the rest of us Stateside folks - lots more camouflage, anyway.

Last night while debugging a knotty communications issue with our sensors I managed to crash a computer out in the Dark Sector and had to suit up and head out. It was about 5:30 AM local time and very few people were out - just a few Caterpillars winterizing the IceCube drill camp. I walked about a mile in -55F to a deserted two story blue building just to push a single tiny button on one computer. It was a nice time, actually - not too cold with all my gear on, and the sky was lovely, and the scenery breathtakingly simple. I'm sure I enjoyed it more for having been inside for a few days and glued to the laptop.

Not too much to report - just the new picture set. Enjoy.

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