Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All for McNaught

Since its swing through perihelion a few days ago, we should be able to see Comet McNaught from here. Last night, a decent meal of sushi (punctuated by green tea ice cream to die for), we went looking for the comet in Hagley Park, a large open area ringed by trees not far from the Arts Centre and our B&Bs. As the hot winds from the north buffeted us, we saw Venus, a lovely sunset, and amazing, hurricane-like clouds of the sort I suppose you only get to see in the middle of the Pacific Ocean -- but no comet. We're going to try again tonight. No other plans yet.

It's strange to have summer, an 80 F January thaw... but nice. I'm already starting to get used to it, which is a very bad idea.

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