Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Ice Pix

More pictures for your viewing pleasure. This one contains a bunch of aerial shots which you may enjoy, but a few others require comment. First of all, did you know McMurdo has an ATM? In 1997, I flew down on the plane which had the first Antarctic ATM machine - this one is at least one generation newer than that one.

The plane itself, the Hercules LC-130 is perhaps familiar to many of you - here is ours, and one of several others from the same NYANG unit at Williams Field:

Once inside, we all pack in like sardines. Actually, there is more leg room than on Qantas economy class...

The dark band on this shot is the contrail of our C-130 on its trajectory through the atmosphere.

A few of us were lucky enough to be invited up on the flight deck. I was particularly intrigued by our flight plan.

Hard to believe the flight was just 36 hours ago. It's been a productive day, and now it's time to crawl into my cubby hole and get unconscious.

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