Sunday, January 6, 2008

Goals for Trip

IceCube is growing again this year, from 22 strings in 2007, up to 32-40 strings. 32 is guaranteed, since 10 new strings were deployed already since the season started in December. 40 is the outside ("stretch") goal.

My primary work task for the trip is to get all these new strings integrated into the Data Acquisition System. There will be a lot to do, about which I will probaby write more about more as matters progress.

Main non-work goals:
  • Keep meditation practice going, 10-20 minutes minimum per day if possible
  • Exercise daily (stretch, strength training, running; decrease high altitude mile time, from 08:43)
  • Daily drawing practice from life and imagination (anatomy and other fundamentals)
Also this blog, photography, and notes for the drawing class I've been writing out on my Web site. Enough to keep me out of trouble during the 0.00125 hours per day when I won't be working or trying to sleep....

And, of course, to stay safe, have fun, and connect with colleagues and friends.

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