Monday, January 7, 2008

Packing for the Pole

(Photo: Dave and Kael "bag dragging" last year in McMurdo. There is obviously an advantage to carrying less stuff).

Well, packing is underway. I started this list of less-than-obvious things to remember a few seasons ago and still find it useful:
  • Portable zafu
  • Lightweight microfiber towel (a la Tim Ferriss)
  • Basic toiletries (in case the tiny store at Pole runs out)
  • USB keyboard and mouse (to fend off repetitive strain injuries from typing on laptop 60 hours/week)
  • Extra bag for storing things in Christchurch
  • Cameras/lenses/chargers
  • Sketchbooks / drawing media (a whole fun list in and of itself, but probably not of general interest)
  • Running shoes, shorts, running pants and shirts
  • Spray bottle for humidifying room
  • Saline spray for dry nasal passages
  • Emergen-C (vitamin powder)
  • Clothesline (clothing washed before bed will be nearly dry when you awaken, and will humidify your room as an added bonus)
  • NZ maps (Wellington, Christchurch, ...)
  • NZ power adapter (most electronics works on 220V if you have a small outlet adapter)
  • NZ currency/coins (as the dollar continues its nosedive towards toilet-paper valuation, this becomes more important)
  • LED flashlight (for navigating darkened Jamesways at Pole or dorm rooms in McMurdo)
Believe it or not, you'd probably do OK bringing nothing at all other than a few pairs of underwear and the clothing they give you in Christchurch. But even this "extensive" packing list will take up only half a suitcase, to which I'll add obvious clothing items, laptop, passport, etc.

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